Wohler A450 Combustion Analyzer DEMO



The Wöhler A 450 is a combustion analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions. It is a small and lightweight tool that offers flue gas analysis, draft measurement, burner tuning guide, adjustment tasks on gas and oil systems and even solid fuel fireplaces. . The Wohler A 450 is a handheld device with user-friendly touchscreen control, displays all measurement data on screen or connect and view on your smart devices.

Scope of Delivery:
Wohler A 450 Combustion Analyzer incl. 10,000 ppm CO sensor
Wireless LAN
USB and IR interfaces
Flue gas probe 1′ with 5′ hose assembly
USB battery charger with micro USB cable
Battery with 6 h operating time
Plastic case MAXI Wohler A 450
Water stop filter (3x)
Cotton filter (25x)

48 Month Warranty