The FLIR VT8 is a high-quality voltage, continuity, and current tester, ideal for electricians and service technicians who troubleshoot and verify electrical installations or systems within commercial and light industrial facilities. The FLIR VT8’s optimized and open-jaw design allows it to fit into tight spaces and reliably measure large-diameter cables. Extensive measurement features make the FLIR VT8 a versatile tool – just one meter can get the job done. Carry the compact tester in your pocket to be ready at any moment for easy troubleshooting.
Choose from two models: the FLIR VT8-600 with a CAT III-600 V/CAT IV-300 V safety rating and a 100 A/600 V measuring range; or the FLIR VT8-1000 with the CAT III-1000 V/CAT IV-600 V safety rating and a 200 A/1000 V measuring range.