FLIR E8 Pro- Demo



The FLIR E8 Pro is your must-have tool for locating and diagnosing electrical, mechanical, and building problems. Quickly pinpoint hot spots and easily identify problems with vibrant thermal imagery supported by FLIR-patented MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhancement. Your inspections will be more efficient because you can do all your work from the touchscreen: organize your photos, add detailed notes, and upload them directly to the FLIR Ignite cloud for convenient access from any device. When

320 × 240 (76,800 pixels) thermal resolution

Thermal sensitivity: <0.04°C (0.07°F) / <40 mK at 30°C (86°F)

Spatial resolution (IFOV): 1.8 mrad

1-Touch Level/Span contrast enhancement

FLIR IgniteTM cloud storage

Extended temperature: 550°C/1022°F

MSX® image enhancement

Wi-Fi connectivity